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Wells + Associates’ Partnership with Actionfigure

Wells + Associates is a major transportation planning, engineering, and consulting firm. They work with real estate development and property owners and managers to improve transportation experiences, and their clients include many of the largest names in commercial real estate including Beacon, Greystar, Mill Creek, Cushman & Wakefield, and CBRE.

Wells + Associates’ relationship with Actionfigure began out of necessity: many of their clients’ projects required real-time transportation information screens to fulfill transportation demand management requirements. Wells + Associates chose TransitScreen, now Actionfigure Screen, the leading solution for seeing your transportation choices all in one place, updated in real-time.

When Wells + Associates brought Actionfigure’s solutions to their clients, they quickly recognized there was more value beyond the utility of informing tenants and residents of their transportation choices. The screens themselves became an impressive, modern focal point that made properties and offices more attractive, and they were playing a role in mitigating demand for parking, helping alleviate surrounding traffic, and contributing to sustainability goals. As well, they became essential to tenants who began to use the information daily.

Competitive Advantage

In a relationship initially forged out of necessity, Wells + Associates began leveraging Actionfigure’s solutions on projects as a new competitive advantage. “This ‘flipped the script’ for us, going from using Actionfigure as a project requirement and now using Actionfigure to bring untapped value to developers and their tenants,” said Courtney Menjivar, a Principal with Wells + Associates.

Actionfigure’s solutions include providing real-time transportation intelligence on screens, mobile apps, custom integrations with tenant experience applications, and proprietary insights for planners, consultants, and commercial real estate on location and transportation.

Menjivar stated, “Actionfigure provides us with transportation data that is building-specific and customized to the client. They include all of the modes that are most applicable for a location’s specific needs, and distilled in a fashion that works best for the surrounding environment.”

Actionfigure and Wells + Associates have now provided solutions to over two dozen major clients in commercial real estate with real-time transportation intelligence.

PDF of this Case Study: Actionfigure and Wells + Associates

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