Introducing Actionfigure® Foresight - Understand how real people use transportation. Make better real estate decisions.​

Understand location at the human level

Actionfigure® Foresight is the game-changing location intelligence software solution you’ve been waiting for. Coupling our industry leading urban transportation data and our Motional Intelligence AI for predicting transportation use, Actionfigure Foresight empowers you to make informed real estate, transportation, employee benefits and HR decisions like never before.

Actionfigure Foresight

Actionfigure Foresight

Essential for Real Time Decision Making

Office relocations, bringing your team back into the office, and retaining talent; these needs can’t wait. Traditional commute surveys require planning, promotion, and incentives but all you get are long wait times and disappointing response rates. Actionfigure Foresight gives you the data you need – commute time, cost, carbon emissions, employee satisfaction and wellness – to make informed decisions about your workforce and real estate.

One Solution, Limitless Collaboration

Whether you are a real estate professional deciding on a new office, a transportation and commute leader trying to make data-driven decisions about commute programs and benefits, or an HR team striving to retain talent through return-to-office, Foresight’s business intelligence tools inform and drive critical decisions across your entire organization.

"While managing our global office portfolio, I witnessed first-hand countless decisions being made across departments without any visibility into how our workforce commuted to work. We created Actionfigure® Foresight to solve that very problem."
Aaron Rinaca
VP of Product at Actionfigure & Former Head of global realestate at Livingsocial

The World is Multi-Modal

Go Beyond Drive Times

Organizations have traditionally relied on inadequate drive-time analyses to make major real estate decisions. But cities are multi-modal: people park and ride transit, they bike and walk to shuttle buses. Foresight makes robust transportation analysis easy and within your reach.

How Your Workforce Really Moves

Motional Intelligence AI allows Foresight to do what no traditional analysis can; predict individual transportation choices based on all the transportation options available where they live and work. Who will walk? Who has the longest commutes? Who is a good fit for a shuttle service? Who needs benefits and incentives? Actionfigure Foresight can tell you.

Foresight Informs Your Whole Organization

Real Estate


Human Resources

Site Selection

When it comes to your workforce, choosing the right office space is critical. Your ability to recruit, retain, and return your remote team to the office hinges on the commute. Now you can choose the office that is the best fit for your entire workforce.

Commuter Benefit Offerings

Parking space is limited and blindly distributed incentives are costly; rarely resulting in lasting commuter behavior change. With Foresight, you can identify specific cohorts or individuals for targeted outreach and education.

Talent Recruitment

Interviewing a candidate and want to ensure they’ll have a great commute? Want to know their total benefits cost? Show your candidate you really care about their work/life balance by identifying and offering them the right commuter benefits.

Parking Requirements

Whether you are negotiating parking ratios into your lease terms or simply trying to make sure your existing allocation isn’t over capacity, understanding which employees have viable driving alternatives is critical to keeping your parking held for those who really need it.

Scope 3 Commute Emissions Reduction

Identify employees with the highest carbon-footprint commutes. From there, leverage Actionfigure Insight to target those groups with commuter benefits education and elections. Now you have the tools to predict, measure, and reduce your Scope 3 emissions.

Employee Retention

Long commutes are a leading cause of employee absenteeism, disengagement and turnover. Avoid costly productivity loss and recruitment overhead by identifying and addressing poor commutes.

Put Your Foresight Plan Into Motion, with Actionfigure Insight

Foresight gives you the unique capability to drill down to the level of individual employees and groups. 

Strategically deploy our complementary product Actionfigure Insight to quickly and easily educate employees with personalized commute plans powered by our AI, and let employees select the right benefits for them.

Say ‘goodbye’ to company-wide commute surveys with dismal response rates. Stop wasting money on incentive programs that don’t move the needle.

Get proactive, strategic, save money and time with Actionfigure Foresight and Insight!

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