Introducing Actionfigure® Foresight - Understand how real people use transportation. Make better real estate decisions.​

Unlock Better Commutes with AI

Actionfigure® Insight helps employees get to and from the workplace more easily, affordably and sustainably, guides people door-to-door in hybrid work environments, and supports healthier lifestyles in the time between home and work.

Actionfigure Insight

Essential for Today’s Workforce

A bad commute is a top reason people quit. People choose where they live and work based on how they are able to get around. Insight helps people explore their full set of transportation choices, and guides them towards the options that best suit their individual needs.

A Plan for a Better Commute

Studies show 10% of people will choose a better commute if presented with a door-to-door commute plan. Actionfigure Insight automatically generates plans, taking all of your benefits and commute programs into account. It’s your AI-powered commute concierge.

Insight Provides You With

Trip Planning

Compare commuting plans by cost, time, calories burned, carbon emissions, and more to select an ideal commute.

Benefits Election

Whether you offer parking, pre-tax benefits, transit subsidies, shuttles, or more, Insight will help people enroll in your programs and perks to encourage employee wellness.

Understand Employee Needs

It’s called Insight because it provides employers with unique data to help meet workforce needs: what types of commutes people want, and what benefits are worth offering to attract and retain employees.

For Hybrid to Work, Employers Must Support Commutes

Pre-pandemic, commuting was largely seen as the employee’s responsibility. Today’s workplace is different – there’s a new spotlight on how commutes impact employee quality of life, wellness, performance, and retention. Employers now have to engage with commutes, and providing personalized information is the first step.

Optimize your whole Commute Program with Actionfigure Foresight

Actionfigure® Insight helps inform your entire workforce using the power of our Motional Intelligence AI. But imagine how much more impact you would have – on commutes, on sustainability, on productivity and employee satisfaction – if you could predict the right benefits for your workforce? If you could measure and understand commute emissions, identify employee retention risks caused by poor commutes, even choose the best office for your workforce during a relocation? 

Combine Actionfigure® Insight with our new Actionfigure® Foresight solution and you can save money and time with data-driven decisionmaking about workplace real estate and transportation.

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