About Actionfigure

We are a B2B transportation information software solutions company changing how the commercial real estate industry values location and transportation

Our Journey


Actionfigure’s cofounders started the company to create a better way to display and share real-time transit information with people who needed it. What started in the incubator 1776 has taken us to a bustling office in downtown Washington, DC. As we continue to grow, so does our mission. Our B2B2C approach allows us to work with our customers to find a custom fit that supports employees, residents, guests, and tenants alike.

Our Vision
Making the world more sustainable by changing the way the commercial real estate industry values location.
Our Mission
We partner with the real estate industry to provide motional intelligence about transportation for efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life.

Our Culture

Curiosity Counts

It's the key to progress and innovation.

Stay Inspired

Our efforts are a part of a greater good that keeps us inspired and motivates us to inspire other.

Be Authentic

The best work happens when you have the freedom to be yourself and focus on the mission.​

Practice Empathy​

We strive to understand and care about each other, our customers, and the environment.

Embrace Failure​

If you learn from failures they pave the way to success.

Sustainability is Our Backbone

Actionfigure has been carbon neutral since its founding, from our offices to our public screens to our cloud servers. The company uses renewable energy where we can source it and buy renewable energy credits that are Green e-certified.

Employees embrace public transportation and alternate, more sustainable modes of transportation. By providing transportation subsidies, we advocate for sustainable commuting. For business travel, we encourage trains over flights where possible, and we purchase energy credits to offset flights.


Our Team Leaders

Matt Caywood


Julie Giffin

Vice President, Operations

Tony Hudgins

Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Strategy

Alicia Karr

Vice President, Marketing

Aaron Rinaca

Vice President, Product

Peter Loewenhagen

Vice President, Sales

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