Introducing Actionfigure® Foresight - Understand how real people use transportation. Make better real estate decisions.​

Connecting People to Your Place

Actionfigure Mobile is the key to the city, unlocking every transportation choice.

If you have a code, you’re in! Actionfigure Mobile is available exclusively to our customers and their employees, residents, and tenants.


Actionfigure Mobile

Actionfigure Mobile helps you navigate in real-time, all the nearby transportation choices at a glance. Includes buses, subways, trains, ferries, shared cars, bikes, scooters, mopeds, and more.

Location, Location, Location

Residents choose where they live based on how they get to the workplace, and how easy it is to get around to the things they need. Actionfigure Mobile unlocks all of the transportation choices in your neighborhood, and integrates with private shuttles and smart parking solutions too.


Unique to Actionfigure Mobile, keep your people informed with Messaging. Need to inform your people of changes or updates? It’s easy to send a push notification to keep everyone up-to-date. 


Mobile Provides You With

Customized Route Plans

Customized route plans for employees and tenants getting to and from your location.


Built-in messaging to keep your people informed directly.

Transportation Choices

Help new employees and residents become comfortable with their transportation choices.

Our Trusted Customers

Actionfigure Mobile is trusted by leaders in commercial office and multifamily real estate, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and organizations of all sizes.