Introducing Actionfigure® Foresight - Understand how real people use transportation. Make better real estate decisions.​

Actionfigure® Transportation Data Solutions

Actionfigure®, the developers of TransitScreen® and MobilityScore®, provides solutions for commercial real estate and employers. Actionfigure unlocks value in real estate, and is the key for people to see their transportation choices.

Actionfigure® Provides

Actionfigure created the gold standard in real-time transportation screens: TransitScreen®. Finding the next bus, train, subway, bike, car, scooter, and more has never been easier. Actionfigure Screen exceeds TDM requirements, assists in meeting LEED goals, and is your tool to keep people informed.

Actionfigure’s mobile app and trip planning solutions help employers and commercial real estate attract people to buildings, overcoming transportation and commuting challenges. They encourage positive engagement and make getting around easier and more comfortable.

Actionfigure data powers the majority of major tenant experience applications, and is the engine behind many transportation displays you see in stadiums, arenas, kiosks, mobility hubs, and more. MobilityScore® brings new value to listings and provides new insights in commercial real estate.


Nearby transportation choices in one glance, including buses, subways, ferries, and shared cars, bikes, scooters, mopeds, and more. Tested for maximum usability, and designed to delight.

Easing Commutes

Tenants and employees choose where they live and work with their commute in mind. Screen makes your location’s transportation choices more attractive, and builds confidence in using them.

Fits Your Needs

Actionfigure Screen exceeds TDM requirements, assists in meeting LEED goals, and integrates with your building with your logo, your messages, your video, and your content.

Powered by Actionfigure

From MobilityScore® to powering tenant experience apps, from customized trip planning solutions to enhancing real estate listings, Actionfigure’s global transportation data can be used in a wide variety of applications and integrations.

Example of MobilityScore map showing nearby transportation options in Washington DC

Beyond the Screen

While we were first known for TransitScreen®, our transportation data solutions go far beyond.

Take the power of Actionfigure to-go. Now with built-in trip planning, Actionfigure Mobile shows your true transportation choices in real-time, building comfort with nearby options. Mobile includes a messaging platform to keep your people informed.

Actionfigure Insight, is the most comprehensive, door-to-door trip planning solution that provides employees and future tenants with best-fit commuting choices, including cost, travel time, wellness, sustainability, benefits information, and more. Bad commutes are the top reason people leave, and Insight helps people find better, happier, and healthier commutes.

Actionfigure® Foresight is the game-changing location intelligence software solution you’ve been waiting for. Coupling our industry leading urban transportation data and our Motional Intelligence AI for predicting transportation use, Actionfigure Foresight empowers you to make informed real estate, transportation, employee benefits and HR decisions like never before.

MobilityScore® is the definitive metric for transportation access. Using data from Actionfigure’s industry-leading public and private transportation platform, the patented MobilityScore algorithm goes beyond measuring access to nearby mobility options: it evaluates how long it takes to get to them, their schedules, and performance. MobilityScore provides a true understanding of the value of a location as it relates to its transportation choices.

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Commuting and transportation choices dictate where people choose to live and work. Explore a few examples on how Actionfigure has helped ease commutes and made nearby transportation choices more attractive.

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