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Solutions for the Corporate Workplace

Actionfigure’s unparalleled B2B2C platform plays a fundamental role in improving company communications and culture with direct employee messaging and real-time commute planning solutions to improve travel and sustainability while on and offsite. We understand the importance your employees play in your business, and we are here to reinforce that investment and help you draw additional value.

Employee Benefits

Actionfigure Insights

Simplify employee commute planning and benefits elections

Actionfigure Mobile

Improve the commute with real-time daily information and alerts

Actionfigure Screen

Engage with on-site transportation and nearby amenity displays


Inform at any time with cross-platform notifications

Employer Benefits


Stay connected with custom multi-channel messaging and notifications

Transportation Benefits

Promoting and encourage employee transportation benefits election

Parking Solutions

Optimize and streamline parking management programs and solutions

ESG Programs

Improve environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives

Return-to-Office Experience

How companies should be adapting their post COVID-19 office culture.

Prior to COVID-19 companies poured money into improving the office culture with onsite programs and amenities centered around physical spaces like snack and meals, tenant lounges, and fitness classes. Right now, the commute is the most important part of the return-to-office experience.

A recent survey indicated that 84% of remote workers say the number one perk of working remotely is not having to commute.

Realize 100% Value from the Actionfigure Platform with our Full Product Suite

From decision-making support at employee onboarding to informing daily commutes, Actionfigure is uniquely positioned to help facilitate better transportation programs and commuting while also giving employers tools to understand employee movement patterns.

Actionfigure Insights

Actionfigure Mobile

Actionfigure Screen