Introducing Actionfigure® Foresight - Understand how real people use transportation. Make better real estate decisions.​

Make Workplace Transportation Data-Driven

Actionfigure is the Software Solution for Commute Management, Real Estate Decision-making and Employee Engagement

Improve Workplace Experience by Optimizing Transportation

Solutions for the Workplace

Actionfigure’s software solutions address the transportation needs of workplaces. Analyze your transportation and real estate needs with Actionfigure Foresight. Or engage your employees with real-time transportation information, messaging and personalized commute planning and benefits recommendations. Our easy-to-use software improves employee experience and helps you measure and enhance sustainability, onsite and offsite.

Actionfigure Foresight

Essential Visibility for Real Time Decision Making

Actionfigure® Foresight is game-changing location intelligence software. Coupling our industry leading urban transportation data and our Motional Intelligence AI for predicting how real people use transportation, Actionfigure Foresight empowers you to make informed real estate, transportation, employee benefits and HR decisions like never before.

Actionfigure Insight

Essential for Communicating Your Transportation Benefits

Your employees care about their commutes, so don’t leave them scavenging for information. Actionfigure® Insight is a personalized, AI-powered commute concierge that helps employees get to and from the workplace more easily, cheaply and sustainably, guiding people door-to-door in hybrid work environments, and supports healthier lifestyles in the time between home and work.

Actionfigure Mobile

Essential for Connecting People to Your Workplace

Actionfigure® Mobile helps you navigate in real-time, all the nearby transportation choices at a glance. Includes buses, subways, trains, ferries, shared cars, bikes, scooters, mopeds, and more. Unique to Actionfigure Mobile, keep your people informed with targeted Messaging. Need to inform your people of transportation changes or updates? It’s easy to send a push notification to keep everyone up-to-date. 

Actionfigure Screen

Essential Travel Information and Employee Communications

Actionfigure® Screen makes your location’s transportation choices more attractive and easy to use. Screen delivers your logo, your messages, your video, and your content all in one place. Communicate with your team to keep them up to date while you help them have an easy, comfortable daily commute.

Employer Benefits


Stay connected with custom multi-channel messaging and notifications

Transportation Benefits

Promoting and encourage employee transportation benefits election

Parking Solutions

Optimize and streamline parking management programs and solutions

Sustainability Programs

Improve carbon emissions reporting and environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives

Our software does everything except drive the bus

From employee onboarding to daily commuting, Actionfigure facilitates transportation programs and commuting while giving you the tools you need to understand and improve employee outcomes. Our unparalleled expertise in data integration makes Actionfigure the central hub of your transportation programs.

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