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A free replacement for London Underground’s Tube Status Widget

We are fans of London Tube’s iconic style and passenger information, like their unique Tube Status widget – but it’s going away.

Tube Status is a summary of service reliability on all underground lines. This is useful information for riders. London Underground trains run so frequently during peak times, sometimes the most important information to know is whether your line is running reliably – or whether it’s delayed by breakdowns or issues that can trigger overcrowding. In that case, you can transfer to a different line – or aboveground transportation like buses or bikes.

Unfortunately, London Underground operator TFL has decided to retire their web and digital widget and force passengers to visit their website, which doesn’t provide the same easy-to-use information.

Actionfigure is making our compact version of the status widget available to anyone who needs a replacement. Just fill in your information below and let us know about how you’re using it – we’ll be in touch.

And if you want to provide comprehensive rider information including Tube, buses, and shared bikes – ask us about Actionfigure Screen for digital signage and websites, and Actionfigure Mobile for mobile apps.

London Underground's outdated Tube Status Widget is being retired
Use Actionfigure's updated, attractive and concise Tube Status Widget instead

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