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Case Study: BNE Real Estate Group

BNE Real Estate Group brings over 60 years of experience in real estate development, investment, ownership, and management. They’re headquartered in New Jersey but work on a national level creating, owning, and operating a high-quality, diverse portfolio of assets.

The Challenge

BNE invests in shuttles for their residents at a number of their properties. Shuttles are a valuable amenity for residents, but they’re generally pretty costly, meaning management companies are always looking to ensure that residents are taking full advantage of them. BNE discovered that a lack of real-time information on shuttle arrivals was leading to lots of missed shuttles and frustration.

“The shuttle company that we were using didn’t have an advanced way of showing when it was arriving, Actionfigure helped enhance our ability to display that real-time tracking for residents,” described Seth Cohen, Executive Vice President; Head of Operations at BNE Real Estate Group.

Many of BNE’s properties are located in close proximity to various transportation options. Cohen and his team wanted to make sure that they were showing that off during lease up, and also providing support for existing residents so that they could more easily take advantage of these various transportation options.

The Result

After implementing Actionfigure Screen and Mobile, BNE was able to increase accessibility to shuttle information, helping residents catch it with ease and ensure their return on investment, a win-win for management and residents. By integrating the shuttle information into Mobile, they provided the most comprehensive transportation app possible for residents.

“An amenity that’s been missing in real estate, is an app that helps residents travel outside of the property without having to open 5 different apps — you guys really solved that problem,” described Cohen BNE continues to use Actionfigure’s products at various properties during lease up to show off each building’s location, and to support existing residents by offering them one-of-a-kind amenities.

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