The Best Experience in Real-Time Bus and Train Information

TransitScreen®, and other forms of transit information, were studied to understand what sources of information people valued most when it came to discovering when the next bus or train was arriving. Information sources included phone-based arrival prediction tools such as texts and phone calls, information provided at bus stops, and smartphone applications. TransitScreen, now called Actionfigure® Screen, had the highest percentage of people who were mostly or completely satisfied with the experience: 93%.

TransitScreen / Actionfigure Screen received the highest satisfaction score compared to all other types of screens and information sources.

The study, “Market Research on Real Time Transit Information Needs and Users’ Expectations,” was posted by the United States Department of Transportation’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office.

US DOT ITS JPO: Market Research on Real Time Transit Information Needs and Users’ Expectations

Actionfigure Screen continues to be the leader in real-time transportation information screens, providing people with the confidence of knowing exactly when the next bus, train, or subway will be.


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