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Why you should build a company app

Companies have recently begun putting their return-to-work plans together for when quarantine restrictions are lifted. That means figuring out how employees are going to commute, how many employees will be coming back right away, and which resources will be needed to make the return as smooth as possible.

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Unfortunately there’s no single answer to solve this. Every company is different, every employee’s situation is different, and cities and states have different timelines. Fortunately, there are tools that can help and continue to add value, even after things return to “normal.” 

Developing a company app for your employees can ease their lives (and yours) all around. A mobile app allows employers to disseminate information, send out company news and alerts, assist with commutes, and more. In a time when there will be a lot of information going around, it may be time to invest in one as a singular source.

Information hub

Probably the number one feature an app provides is the ability to house important company information in one place. With so much news and information now (and always), there’s a need to keep your employees as up to date as possible.

The end goal of return-to-work plans is to make employees’ lives as easy as possible while they begin making their way back to the office. That means you need to provide answers for:

  • “When will the office be open?”
  • “Are we expected back on the first day?”
  • “What if we don’t want to take public transit?”

Those are just a very few of the questions employees will have. With this information available on a new or existing company app, employees can keep up with what’s going on, even if it changes daily.

Who can help

Developing an app sounds like a daunting task, and it definitely can be for companies that weren’t prepared for the current state of business operation. Luckily, there are third-party services that assist and fully build out an app for you! ModoLabs and HqO are third-party app development companies who specialize in workplace app development.

Outsourcing this part to companies like these can ease the burden from an in-house team (if you have one) – while creating a custom experience for your employees.


Return-to-work plans are focal points for a lot of companies right now. Some companies have already announced their office operations will be halted until 2021, but that’s not the case for everyone. As states and cities begin rolling back quarantine orders, commutes will begin again. Maybe on a smaller scale, but they’ll be back nonetheless. 

That being said, most commutes will end up changing. Public transit is servicing essential travel on modified schedules. Biking and walking will be tapped to replace other commuting methods, from what we’ve been hearing, but that isn’t going to be a realistic option for everyone.

CityMotion, our mobile app, provides an elevated commuting experience – especially when people have been away from commuting for so long and options are less dependable. We also work with both ModoLabs and HqO to integrate our transit and mobility information directly on the platform. This means you can easily provide your employees the most up-to-date transit information at their fingertips, helping make the commuting process a little bit easier.

Touch-free offices

There’s going to be a push to make a level of social distancing in the office, and part that will require removing touchpoints in the physical office. Everyone’s going to be wary of what they’re touching. Those touch points include touchscreen displays, door knobs and handles, elevator buttons, and any other commonly used surfaces.

Existing app

If you have an app available for your employees already, you’re in a great position. To make the most of your app, it’s imperative to keep it as up to date as possible with relevant and accurate information. This means return-to-work plans, commuting options and plans, and any other modifications to your workplace operations. In this age, you need to make the most of the resources you have access to and use them to their highest capabilities to ensure a smooth office experience.

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