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What millennials are looking for in the modern office

working-office-millennials-technology-modern                      Photo by Nikita Vantorin on Unsplash

Millennials continue to take over the workplace with nearly one-third of businesses being made up of Generation Y. They’re not easy to predict and are actually shaking up what we’ve known about the workplace. 

Well, there are also many ways that companies can show that they’re investing in your future and young professionals want to be at a business that offers competitive benefits — everything isn’t weighted solely on salary anymore.

With benefits comes loyalty, another big factor for millennials and the job market. Traditionally, you were expected to move up the professional ladder by staying at one place for years and years and years. Now? Not so much. Millennials have become known to job hop, meaning they might hold three different jobs over four or five years. Studies have found that young professionals don’t want to feel like they’re just a number — they want to understand their value, where they fit in, and know that the company values them as well.

working-teams-collaboration-feedback-millennials-workplace-office-professionals-young                      Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Another reason for job hopping is to create a faster career progression. By moving from company to company with just the right amount of experience, millennials are able to leverage higher salaries, better benefits, and competitive titles. Obviously, moving around too much can look flighty and lead employers to doubt your loyalty and work effort, but experience doesn’t have to be constricted to a single long-term employment anymore. 

Millennials are also changing the traditional office by placing a higher demand on flexible work hours and location. This goes hand-in-hand with an increased appreciation for life outside of work, which in turn increases company loyalty. Young professionals want to work in a trusting environment that will give them the freedom to use their skills while providing them opportunities to grow and learn. Millennials don’t need the 9-to-5 cubicle job; they want to be inspired by their surroundings, be it at home in their pajamas or enjoying the sunshine in a public courtyard by the office. 

It’s important for both employees and employers to stay on top of what’s competitive in the job market. Millennials have been changing the status quo ever since Apple came out with the iPhone. They’re stressing the importance of finding companies that are invested in their employees’ futures, benefits, and commutes as much as they’re invested in performance. 

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