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Study: Shower facilities make employees 5X more likely to bike to work

Here at TransitScreen we like to help our employees have the most convenient commute possible and for some of our staff, that includes bikes! But, no one has the same commute and with so many modes of transit at our disposal, you may not even travel the same every day. That’s why we provide shower facilities for our employees who like to bike to work, or via another form of travel that may not leave you squeaky clean when you get to work!

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bike-to-work-why-your-employees-will-be-happier-and-more-productive62% of millennials want to live in walkable cities with access to bike lanes and other infrastructure for alternative modes of transportation. Your employees are 4.86 more likely to bike to an office where they have access to showers, lockers, and bike parking, found an urban affairs and planning professor at Virginia Tech.

That’s because while some of your employees want to take advantage of the changing mobility landscape, they’re afraid of not looking (or smelling) like they’re ready to step foot into the office. Showers are a real game changer in making it a possibility. What else can you do to encourage your employees to start biking to work?

Shorten the ride.

Having a problem with employees showing up late, stressed, or even getting sick? You can decrease these issues by as much as 80% by offering a comprehensive bike program. In DC, for example, about 25% of commuters live just 2 miles from their offices but still drive to work because they’re being offered subsidized or free parking.

And, for all those employees who are in biking distance to work but have expressed concerns about showing up smelly and sweaty — now, they’re covered! 

Challenge to go above and beyond.

encourage-healthy-competitions-at-work-to-improve-employee-satisfaction-wellness-increase-inclusionYou can even turn this into a fun competition in your office — challenge your team to stay active and healthy while simultaneously bringing people closer together. When the weather outside isn’t frightful, you can get your employees moving with a friendly competition like cycle a certain amount of miles in a month and get a Starbucks or Amazon gift card, or just simply repay your staff in their paychecks!

Facebook, for example, has a goal to have 50% of its workforce rely on alternative modes of transportation and cycling is definitely part of this initiative. They offer a bike garage that has enough room for 200 bikes, complete with showers, storage units, and a DIY repair station. Like all things, bikes require a little TLC and will need maintenance work every now and then — maintenance work that’s less disruptive and costly than a car. Cut your employees some slack by offering the simple tools they need to keep their bikes up and running! 

Put your money where your mouth is.

shower-facilities-at-work-to-help-employeesAn investment in company showers can also encourage your staff to take their lunch break at the gym, which benefits both the employee and employer. How you may ask? Well we’ve all been told since we were children about how important it is to work out and eat well, but that becomes even more true when you’re sitting at a desk for nearly half your day.

When you not only educate and explain the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also preach what you say then you’ll have a dedicated team of workers — workers who are taking fewer sick days and getting excited to come to the office because of what you give them access to. 

Also, having showers at your employees fingertips means that you can broaden any competitions to include your entire staff, not just those who choose to bike. 

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