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Product update: New CityMotion features designed for post-COVID commutes

Like everyone, we’ve spent the past couple months coming up for a return-to-work plan – which of course includes the commute. Whenever people will be returning to the office, they’re going to need a safe way to get there. That’s why we’re introducing My Commute, our latest CityMotion feature designed to assist post-COVID commutes.

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My Commute

My Commute is our latest feature that will help your employees, residents, or tenants get back into their daily commutes with ease. In CityMotion’s menu, you can now select “My Commute,” which will prompt you to set your home and work addresses, as well as times you would like to be reminded to leave in the morning and evening.

You can also set Favorites (find out more about that feature here) to make sure information about your personal commute modes is easily accessible. It’s easily adjusted to fit ongoing preferences, even if those change — for example, if you switch from subway to bus, or from bus to bikeshare.

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You’ll get an alert at your selected times as a reminder to get moving, with updated real-time information about public transit departures, Uber and Lyft surges, bikeshare availability, and more.

CityMotion will help keep your transition to the office running smoothly by keeping your employees organized. Many return-to-work schedules will include different days: some employees come in on Tuesday and Thursday, and others Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s not a problem for My Commute.

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Additionally, you can use our Remind Me feature to make sure your morning stays on track. Once you’ve decided which train you’re going to take that morning, you can ask CityMotion to remind you when you need to leave in order to catch it. You’ll stay on time, and you won’t be waiting on the platform any longer than you need to.

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Making the transition from quarantine to commuting isn’t going to be as simple as snapping your fingers, but CityMotion can make it a little bit easier. We’re here to help by offering convenience and simplicity through My Commute, a feature to get employees back on track and in the office.

If there’s a feature that you think would improve your experience with CityMotion, let us know by chatting with us here.

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