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Live and Real-Time: Transit Information Displays in Atlanta

Atlanta, renowned for its rich history, dynamic cultural scene, and bustling business district, is a key economic and cultural nexus of the Southeast. As a bustling urban area surrounded by populous suburbs, Atlanta responds to the transportation needs of the area with a comprehensive array of transit options. MARTA’s rail and bus service form the cornerstone of Atlanta transportation, supplemented by other bus lines, scooter sharing programs, and rideshare services. 

This guide explores the convenient commuting and travel options available in Atlanta, as displayed on real-time transit information displays like Actionfigure® Screen

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Transit Information Displays in Atlanta

Image: Actionfigure Screen with real-time transportation updates in Atlanta


The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) serves as the principal public transit operator in the Atlanta metropolitan area, primarily within Fulton, Clayton, and DeKalb counties. With a system that encompasses bus and rapid transit services, MARTA plays a crucial role in facilitating mobility across the region. 

Actionfigure Screen brings real-time transit information to Atlanta’s residents and visitors, offering updates on MARTA’s comprehensive network of buses and trains. Whether you’re commuting to work, exploring Atlanta’s diverse neighborhoods, or heading to a Falcon’s game, MARTA provides a dependable transportation option throughout Atlanta and its surrounding counties. With detailed schedules and departure times accessible through Actionfigure Screen, travelers can efficiently navigate MARTA for a seamless and convenient journey in Atlanta.


MARTA’s rail system connects major areas within Fulton, DeKalb, and Clayton counties through its extensive network. Comprising four service lines – the Red, Gold, Blue, and Green lines – MARTA rail spans 47.6 miles with 38 stations, efficiently serving key urban and suburban destinations. Operating daily, MARTA rail supports the region’s high-speed transit needs, offering a sustainable and reliable mode of transportation for both daily commuters and visitors​​.


MARTA’s bus service is Atlanta’s largest and most popular bus line, extending into broader areas within Fulton, DeKalb, and Clayton counties, as well as limited service into Cobb County. With a fleet of 550 buses, MARTA operates over 101 bus routes, covering nearly 1500 miles of ground across the Atlanta metropolitan area. Each month, MARTA’s buses support millions of people in Atlanta on their everyday commutes, occasional errand runs, or spontaneous explorations.

More Bus Options

In addition to MARTA, Atlanta offers a variety of bus lines that connect commuters from various parts of Georgia to and from Atlanta.

Actionfigure Screen provides real-time information on various bus options in the Atlanta area, including CobbLinc, Ride Gwinnett, and GRTA Xpress.

CobbLinc (Formerly CCT)

CobbLinc, formerly known as the Cobb Community Transit, or CCT, acts as the public transportation provider for Cobb County, Georgia, one of Atlanta’s largest suburban counties. CobbLinc offers a mix of local bus services, express routes, and free circulator routes to key destinations such as Downtown Atlanta and Six Flags over Georgia. For Atlanta commuters and visitors in the Cobb County area, CobbLinc is the way to travel.

Ride Gwinnett (Formerly GCT)

Ride Gwinnett, formerly known as the Gwinnett County Transit (GCT), functions as the primary public transportation provider for Gwinnett County, Georgia. Ride Gwinnett provides a variety of transit options, including local bus services and commuter routes to major destinations like Downtown Atlanta and Emory University, as well as direct connections to the MARTA rail system. 

GRTA (Georgia Regional Transportation Authority)

The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) operates Xpress bus services, facilitating efficient commuter routes that connect suburban areas to key urban centers like Downtown Atlanta, Midtown, and other major employment hubs like Perimeter Center. GRTA Xpress is essential for commuters looking for reliable transportation options in and out of the Atlanta metro area. 

Cobb County, Image: CobbLinc’s new buses traveling on an Atlanta highway

Scooter-Sharing Programs

Atlanta has also recently embraced scooter-sharing services, which have become a favorite mode of transport among both residents and visitors. With the convenience of mobile app rentals, brands like Muving, Lime, Bird, and Spin are leading the way in providing accessible, fun options for navigating the city. These electric scooters offer a swift and enjoyable means to traverse Atlanta’s streets.

Actionfigure Screen offers up-to-the-minute details on Atlanta’s scooter-sharing options, showing available scooters’ locations and counts. This real-time information allows users to effortlessly find a nearby scooter and explore Atlanta’s vibrant neighborhoods and attractions in a fun way.

Rideshare Services

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have revolutionized urban mobility in cities like Atlanta, offering convenient, on-demand transportation at the touch of a button. Uber has also introduced the option of shared rides in Atlanta, providing a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to travel. 

Actionfigure Screen, which provides real-time updates on Uber and Lyft wait times, empowers Atlanta’s residents and visitors to streamline their travel plans. By leveraging this technology, residents in Atlanta can minimize time wasted and incorporate rideshare services into their daily commuting routines.

Real-Time Sustainable Transit Information Displays in Atlanta

Overall, Atlanta’s transportation network offers a broad spectrum of options for daily commuters and occasional visitors alike. From MARTA rails and buses to scooter and ride share services, traveling throughout Atlanta can be made easy. Atlanta’s Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) takes this even further, laying out a 20-year roadmap with nearly $200b in government funding aimed at developing a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation ecosystem. 

With help from Actionfigure Screen providing live updates on a variety of local transportation options, Atlanta’s residents can simplify their travels and move towards a better quality of life, just as outlined in Atlanta’s MTP.

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