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How to highlight your property’s assets

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Property managers know how important lease-up rates are — it’s a huge part of the job, after all. But not every apartment just sells itself with its location! We’ve listed a couple of ways you can up the ante if your property isn’t conveniently located within walking distance of public transportation options. 

Access to ridehailing services

Just as cities are reimagining how to design smarter curbs and sidewalks, apartments can also find ways to create designated ridehailing areas for residents and guests. Ridehailing drivers don’t often know the areas they’re driving to like the back of their hand, creating potentially unsafe scenarios for passengers to run across busy streets. Providing discount codes for Lyft or Uber is another way to show future residents you’re committed to simplifying their hectic schedules.

Highlighting your amenities

It’s all about the amenities, right? Showing residents that you’re not only invested in their living experience, but also listening to how you can improve it is a great way to increase retention and boost your ratings. Providing residents with amenities that actively add to their lifestyles turns your property into a unique experience. Residents don’t want to just come home to a room, they want to find utility throughout their complex — like shared work environments, entertainment centers, cafes, and bike racks.

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EMBRACE technology

Allowing residents to have more control to decide how they live within their apartment complex is #trending. This is giving personalization a whole new meaning for renters — some buildings have installed cloud software that allows you to control heating, air, lighting, and more while you’re miles away from home.

Another important factor for residents: mail. Bumping your mailing system into to the 21st century can give people piece of mind when receiving a “You’ve got a package!” alert. There are systems that are personalized down to the mailbox and QR code, ensuring packages don’t end up in the wrong hands. 

Community Events

A major win for property managers is to have and showcase a true community, not just amongst the staff and residents, but between the residents themselves. Young adults who are leaving college and entering the “real world” are looking to maintain that strong sense of commonality in their new home. Establishing ways for residents to gather is key to creating a positive community they’re excited to be a part of. Don’t be afraid to reach out on social media or send around a quick survey to understand what people living in your building are interested in!

Complimentary shuttle rides

Many commuters depend on the metro for their daily commutes, which is why transit systems are constantly being expanded — like the Silver Line in DC. Maybe your property is located where a future metro line will run eventually, but is currently a bit of a hike for tenants. Providing a complimentary shuttle service allows for a more personalized bus route that won’t force residents to spend money on a parking pass at garages. 

There are many ways that you can keep up with your competitors — listening to what people in the area are requesting, what’s changing in your neighborhood, and finding popular trends that connect you to your residents. Taking these steps can help lease-up become a breeze! 

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