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Valentine’s Day is great reminder to show loved one just how much they mean to you, so why not send some love your employee’s way? Need a little inspiration or not quite sure where to start — here are some companies that have some great programs! 

What are employee commute programs exactly? Glad you asked! We’ve covered this a couple of times (see here, here, and here) if you would like to get a more comprehensive overview, but in short, commuter benefits help everyone save money. How? Both employee and employer are able to use pre-tax dollars to pay for a variety of public transit options.  

draft kingsDraftKings

You can draft more than just unlimited vacation at DraftKings — think catered lunches, sponsored happy hours, oh, and of course commuter benefits. Because the company offers pre-taxed options, employees can decide to save a little extra dough on public transit or parking expenses, and so does the company. That means there’s more money to give right back to the employee!


MuleSoft, a software company under the Salesforce umbrella, knows how to keep up with their competition in San Francisco where they’re headquartered. Yes, they have catered lunches, flexible vacation time, and awesome events, but they also value their employees’ time by helping them get to work and home with ease (for you mind and wallet). 


Pre-tax commuter benefits? You can check that Box. At its HQ in California the CalTrain runs directly where the company sits on bustling Jefferson Avenue; not a bad spot when you’re offered a plan to help you save on mass transit. Additionally, Box offers flexible work hours, understanding that not every day is the same, so why not make it easy for employees to have a positive work-life balance with the ability to work from home and not be set to the typical 9-to-5? 


Free Metro passes, free parking, and a commuter program — Honey has some sweet perks. This LA-based company is an add-on for your browser, helping you apply coupons and deals to every purchase so you can save a little here and there. Though this may be the first time you’re hearing about Honey, you’re probably quite familiar with LA’s infamously bad traffic. The city has the worst bumper-to-bumper action in the world, as well as intense competition for newer companies, which is why it’s important to offer diverse commuter plans to attract and retain the employees that you want, like Honey! 


More than just shoes and amazing celebrity/athlete collaborations, Reebok works hard to create a happy work environment for its employees by providing in house gyms, catered lunches, and employee shuttle buses. When their HQ was moved from the suburbs to downtown Boston, MA, Reebok needed to find a way to help people adjust to a different kind of commute, one without a car. The HQ only offers a little over 100 parking spots, so Reebok looked to TransitScreen to “…both educate our employees on public transportation and to communicate all the various options,” explains Reebok employee, Keith Wexelblatt

Want to hear more about Reebok and TransitScreen? Check it out here


Why the hype around commuter benefits? The most simple answer is that you want to have happy employees, right? Because the happier your employees are, the longer they’ll stay and value their overall experience. And at the end of the day, that’s the goal.

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