Connect More Riders with Your Station

Give your riders easier, faster, and more affordable ways to get to your transportation hub

Easy Travel To and From Your Station

Solutions for Transportation Hubs

Actionfigure takes the complexity out of traveling to and from your station. Make your customer’s decision to buy tickets easy, and help them connect to their next bus, train, flight, bike, or car.

From scheduling, to day-of trip, to onsite communications and messaging, Actionfigure will ensure your riders are equipped with the information they need to enjoy the ride, and come back again. 

Actionfigure Insights

Our custom trip planner facilitates better, faster, and safer travel through our proprietary AI recommendation engine by generating door-to-door plans based on specified preferences and real-time transportation availability, fares for public and private commuting options including trains, buses, ferries, private shuttles, commuter-friendly passes, biking and walking routes, and parking. 

With integrated building-provided commuter amenities like onsite parking and micromobility options, your riders can compare trip plans by cost, time, calories burned, carbon emissions, and social exposure to select their ideal travel to your location.


Actionfigure Mobile

Simplify the journey with Actionfigure Mobile formerly CityMotion--the number-one rated B2B2C transportation app available.

Our app provides high-quality transportation information with multi-modal trip planning, push-notification alerts, and custom communications.


Multimodal Custom Trip-Planning

Real-Time Public and Private Transit Data

Direct Communication Tool

Actionfigure Screen

Actionfigure Screen displays comprehensive, reliable, and fully customizable transportation and area information allowing you to show off your location and keep riders informed while onsite.

Empower Faster, Safer Travel

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Communicate through Custom Messaging and Marketing