Introducing Actionfigure® Foresight - Understand how real people use transportation. Make better real estate decisions.​

Actionfigure Screen

is the New transitscreen!

Show off your location and keep tenants and employees engaged and connected while onsite. Actionfigure Screen displays comprehensive, reliable, and fully customizable local, real-time transportation, and neighborhood information.


Plug-and-Play Hardware

Just plug our device into your TV – everything is already set up. Or use your existing digital signage or content management system.

We’ll monitor your local transportation and make any adjustments required. Of course, you can also get help from our top-flight customer service team.

Sleek, Modern Design

Replacing outdated displays, touchscreens, and bulletin boards, our sleek and modern design can incorporate your property branding or interior design aesthetic to reinforce your placemaking investments. 

Brightline live screen 10-25-21
Actionfigure Screen Dark Mode

Engage Tenants

Reinforce your brand through attractive, customizable displays with primary and secondary branding colors, watermark background imagery, and gridline settings.

Present captivating media such as property tours, hosted or streamed videos, embedded web content, (webpages, images, and more available via URL) and custom full screen messaging.

Highlight neighborhood and onsite amenities with Nearby. Choose from popular restaurants, retail, and more.

Communicate more effectively through a single communication hub. Fully customizable, unlimited rotating message feature, and video capabilities, providing a built in space for advertisements, leasing videos, and other property marketing.

Upon request, real-time information for company parking, shuttles, EV charging stations, and other amenities can be added to the onsite Screen experience to help eliminate the need for multiple transit apps or sites for your community of tenants, residents, and visitors.

Continuous updates on arrival times of all nearby transportation options including the next two arrival times and real-time service alerts for when transit options are experiencing delays allowing for more informed planning.

Live crowding updates on nearby public transportation options allow for safer, more informed travel.

Real-time traffic updates so your tenants know to avoid certain roads, before they head out the door.

With access to info on any and all micromobility options in your city, we provide a live look at where to find nearby scooters, bikes, mopeds, and more. Comprehensive coverage on nearby availability and location of any and all micromobility options, including scooters, bikes, mopeds, and more, in your city.

Real-time availability, surge pricing, and distance from driver for Uber, Lyft, taxis, and more.

Be prepared for your journey and choose the right mode based on the upcoming temperature and precipitation.

Add live airline arrivals and departures, as well as nearby train schedules.

Empower Your Tenants with a Faster, Safer Commute

Give your people the most valued currency of all, time. Screen eliminates the need to navigate between multiple apps when trying to locate the nearest bus, train, and micromobility choices. Drivers see what traffic to avoid, helping decrease their time on the road. Transit riders catch the next bus or train right on time. Screen also fully supports your Transportation Demand Management (TDM) efforts.


Engage Tenants and Boost Retention

Now with custom full-screen messaging, video, or web content, Screen’s messaging allows for streamlined communication to get the word out about events, new amenities, and other important information.

Communicate through Always-On Messaging

Take advantage of Screen’s dynamic communication platform, preventing important announcements from getting lost in the shuffle.

"Within the first 20 minutes of the day we launched Actionfigure Screen, we had several residents tell us, 'This is the coolest thing ever!' "
Allison Schumer​

Don't Just Connect With Your Tenants Onsite

Stay connected all day long with Actionfigure Mobile.