Convenience is — 2019 amenities to enhance your property

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Making life at your property easier means that you can increase resident retention while showcasing some of the best amenities that can keep you head-to-head with your competition. 

Concierge Service

Concierge service adds a premium to what your building can charge. Renters will pay big money for the luxury of having someone on call for packages. It also lends a personable influence to your building’s lobby.

Can’t afford a concierge? There’s always Amazon Lockers, Amazon Hubs, or other package locker solutions that can provide secure delivery and return 24/7. Another option is to look into partnering with smart building apps. For example, Hello Alfred connects numerous services to your residents, from cleaning to package services.

bubblequote_Jan2019Pet friendly amenities

68% of households have a pet, and 48% of those own a dog. Showing potential residents how accommodating your property is to pet owners is worth the investment.

Services such as dog walkers and in-home grooming or pet sitting are great amenities to consider. There are lots of companies in the space to partner with, like Bark Buildings and Wag.

World-class Internet

It’s important to make sure your community is keeping up to speed — literally. A good start is an online portal to communicate maintenance requests, fill out paperwork remotely, and make payments. Residents expect immediate results, often on their phones. Additionally, many people will use their phones in your common areas — whether it’s to call a rideshare, track food delivery, or to listen to music at the gym. A strong internet connection will be highly appreciated!

“I’m just doing what’s best for my people.” – Dominique Thomas, Property Manager, 1500 Mass Ave. Based on property location and resident demographics, Dominique sees the usefulness of an amenity as the reason to invest in it, not just the cost.

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