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Case Study: Reebok

Helping employees transition from commuting by car to a headquarters in the suburbs, to taking public transportation to a new HQ in downtown Boston.

Reebok is an international footwear and apparel company based in Boston, MA. The company recently moved their corporate headquarters and 700 employees from a Boston suburb to the downtown Seaport District.

The Challenge

Getting 700 employees who were used to commuting to a suburb, where driving was the main form of commuting, to start commuting to downtown Boston, where driving to work was, in most cases, no longer an option. The move came with two major challenges: educating employees on public transit options, and finding ways to make commuting as cost-friendly as possible.

“People didn’t know that the Silver Line was a bus, didn’t know what a CharlieCard was, or even how to purchase a Commuter Rail pass,” explained Keith Wexelblatt, Associate General Counsel & Compliance Officer at Reebok, “We had to turn country mice into city mice.”

In order to make the new commutes as affordable as possible, Reebok subsidized half of the monthly cost associated with commuting via public transportation for each employee and entered into a corporate membership program with Boston’s bikesharing service, BlueBikes.

The Result

Most employees have ditched their cars for alternative modes of commuting, armed with the information they need to understand their options via Actionfigure Screen and Mobile. “Actionfigure has helped us by providing one platform for all our transit information,” explained Wexelblatt, “We have Screens everywhere, and you can see people looking at the displays as they pack up.” 

Before the move to the downtown office, 99% of their employees drove to work. After the move? 80% of their workforce now commutes via alternative modes of transportation. Actionfigure helped provide crucial support and information for Reebok employees during a significant moment of change.

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