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An office for the people: Designing a workspace that works for your employees

Just like no one person is alike, no one company is either, so why have an office that’s just like hundred other offices? You don’t have to pour millions into your design in order to have a space you and your employees will be comfortable in 40 hours out of the week. 

Having a workspace that actually works for your employees will not only ensure employee satisfaction, but will even help your office run more smoothly. 93% of tech industry workers would stay at a company longer if they offered healthy workspace benefits like wellness rooms and efficiently-designed floor plans. Finding the right furniture, desk configuration, kitchen style, and all other things that follow is no easy task, which is why companies have been turning to technology for help with this.


Let’s work together

If you’re looking to build a strong workforce comprised of employees who are excited to come to work, then make them part of the office redesign. Think about it like a home, especially with the amount of time you spend in it — you’re excited to go home not just because it’s a place of comfort and relaxation, but it’s also because you created it. Whether that means you hung up a couple posters or painted an entire room, you designed something that works for you. Why not treat your office similarly? 

It’s not just for travel, clothes, and wedding ideas; Pinterest can be used for all types of planning. When Digital Ocean brainstormed how to set up their new office, they turned to Pinterest for a collaboration space. The social media platform makes it incredible easy to have a shared digital board, as well as an extensive database of inspiration.

Everyone needs their privacy 

office-furniture-to-inspire-employees-collaboration-growth-creativity-comfortabilityOffice furniture isn’t just desks and chairs anymore. You have to think beyond an individual’s chair now. Crazes like hot desking, flexible work hours, and shared spaces have been taking over modern offices, and employees are demanding a functional workplace that follows. 

So, let’s think about community spaces. These can involve conference rooms, kitchens, break areas, or other work spaces if you’re feeling stuck at your desk. Finding furniture that can easily move in your office is key, but the first step is to think about why you’re getting that certain piece of furniture. 

office-furniture-to-inspire-employees-collaboration-growth-creativity-comfortabilityThe benefit of community spaces is that you can use a large room that can be transformed with ease to fit your needs. Privacy chairs have been a huge hit at Gartner offices, providing a comfortable spot away from any distractions. Arrange a couple of privacy chairs in a circle, and you have a place to have a quick collaboration if conference rooms are all booked up.

Have we mentioned commuter benefits?

Office tech can also aid employees outside of your four walls. There are so many services out there that aim to improve corporate life. Comfy, for example, is an app that shows your office floor plan and allows you to book conference rooms, adjust temperatures and lighting all from your phone. On your way to work and realize that you may need to catch up on a project? Book a room during your commute!

commuter-benefits-technology-in-and-out-of-the-officeSpeaking of commutes — they can make or break an employee. The more cities grow, the more important it is for people to have access to relevant information that can help them plan out their days. That’s why we made TransitScreen: to make sure everyone has access to real-time information about their mobility options when they need it.

Adding tech like this to your workspace will keep your staff better connected, ensuring comfortability while fostering creativity in a place that’s created especially for them.

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