Introducing Actionfigure® Foresight - Understand how real people use transportation. Make better real estate decisions.​

Introducing Actionfigure Foresight

Understand how real people use transportation, to make better decisions about workplace and real estate.

We’re excited to introduce Actionfigure Foresight, game changing transportation software to measure and analyze transportation for hybrid workspaces and real estate.

The idea for Foresight came from Actionfigure’s VP of Product Aaron Rinaca, who previously led global real estate for a high-growth, 4,500-person tech company. He noted, “While managing a global office portfolio, I witnessed first-hand countless decisions being made across departments without any visibility into how our workforce commuted to work. We ended up with impractical office locations that resulted in recruitment and retention challenges.”

Since Aaron joined Actionfigure, employers’ need to understand transportation has only increased. Employee commuting is causing more friction than ever, and companies are facing a new sustainability challenge: compliance requirements from the US, EU, California, and global investors for complete and accurate reporting of employee commute emissions (a major component of Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions). Actionfigure Foresight™ allows employers to forecast emissions from their current or future workplace portfolio. Combined with Actionfigure Insight™, it allows ongoing measurement and reduction of commute emissions as it delivers personalized commute plans to employees.

Aaron, working with a team led by Actionfigure’s cofounder Dr. Matt Caywood (who previously built AI products for a national lab, and has a decade of transportation demand management experience), built a product that is uniquely capable of delivering actionable information about transportation and location – answering questions in corporate real estate, workplace, HR and benefits, and sustainability.

Actionfigure Foresight transportation software dashboard


Foresight™ includes commute analysis by every mode, AI-based transportation predictions, carbon emissions analytics, and more…




Foresight™ is a full-fledged business intelligence environment for transportation data. Foresight can easily analyze data you provide, starting with addresses (or even zip codes). If you have transportation or commute data, whether it’s employee surveys and CTR reports, or historical shuttle or parking access data – we can work with you to perform new analyses, identify opportunities and find value. And by adding additional data, we can make your AI models from Foresight even more accurate.

Foresight™ utilizes Actionfigure’s real-time urban transportation data platform – the best in the industry for public transit and shared mobility. Uniquely, Actionfigure gives you the ability to analyze future and planned transit, or private transportation like employee shuttles.

Going far beyond Actionfigure’s state-of-the-art trip planning, Actionfigure’s proprietary Motional Intelligence AI predicts how individual people will travel to and from your location, and measures every way transportation impacts your business and people’s experience: time, cost, carbon footprint, health and wellness.

Matt sums up: “With Foresight, our customers can leverage our unparalleled urban transportation data to understand how people actually use transportation – and optimize the value of their location by increasing mobility.”

Foresight brings together Actionfigure’s transportation software products: Insight, Screen, Mobile, and our data products including MobilityScore. We’ve always helped individuals make smarter decisions about transportation, to save time and get around cities more sustainably. Now our analytics also help decision-makers – corporate workplace, transportation and HR; commercial real estate owners and brokers; transportation planners – make smarter decisions about location and transportation using Motional Intelligence: insight into how people move to, from, and around their properties.

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