Unburden yourself from one of America’s biggest financial stressors: cars

It’s a Tuesday morning and you’re driving down the highway to your job, the normal morning traffic continuing like it does every other day. Suddenly a bus comes down the HOV lane to your left, while you’re still sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Maybe driving alone to work wasn’t the best idea after all.


Millions of commuters are stressed by their weekday traffic, but don’t commit to making a change — why? We know that not everyone has the ability to leave their car behind depending on their city’s infrastructure, but according to a Robert Half study conducted in 2018, 60% of employees say their companies haven’t done anything to better their commutes.

Currently, only one state and three cities require companies to offer their employees transit benefits, but that barely covers the number of workers in America! So, how much do people typically spend on cars per year?


All those things considered, why would you want a car for your daily commute if you don’t have to? Even if your city or state doesn’t require you to offer commuter benefits, you still should. The younger the generation, the fewer the cars. This means that your workforce is looking for competitive amenities and perks that show you truly support them and their needs. 

What are some alternatives to cars? Glad you asked :

  • Bikeshare programs can be found in pretty much every major city and some smaller ones! Biking to work can help you become less stressed, more productive, and keep you healthy.
  • Save yourself the weekend stress of trying to find parking, paying for parking, and tracking the number of drinks you’ve had by calling an Uber, Lyft, or any other ridesharing service. 
    • Your company can also partner with these companies to give you a discounted or free ride to and from the office!
  • Do you live near other coworkers? Look into carpooling or vanpooling as a shared option to not only get to work faster, but to also get to know the people you work with!
    • There’s also this thing called slugging for people who might live a bit more ways away from the office. 
  • Head underground to your local metro or subway line! There are a couple different passes that you can sign up that make sense for your travel and financial needs.
  • Take advantage of flexible work hours and work from the comfort of your home — no commute, no stress! 

Want to learn more? Head over here to download our free ebook and see if your company is staying up-to-date on your commute!

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