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As Valentine’s Day comes near, it’s time to start thinking about ways to tell your community: “We love that you lease with us!’’ Being a property manager comes with many responsibilities; you keep the property in good shape, collect rent and sometimes even plan events. While keeping an eye on your property’s budget, you can help foster resident happiness and increase your renewals with our gift to you: Four budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas.

Crafts and Candy Stations

Set up a small table in your common area supplied with pens, colored paper, and a bowl of sweets! Your residents will love the idea of being able to make customized cards for their loved ones. Other than checking on the table once in a while, you’ll still have plenty of time for your day-to-day responsibilities. Hang your favorite cards around the community, and feature photos of them in your newsletter, social media, or website. Doing so, is a way to give them a gift to share with others as well as promote some communal fun.


We appreciate you to pieces

After Valentine’s Day, there can be an overwhelming amount of candy left over. Take some of the extra pieces, put them in a jar, and give residents the chance to guess how many are in there. The winner gets a gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant! Consider using social media or your digital signage to encourage participation.

It’s the size of your heart, not wallet

Cupid came with coupons. You might see a few newspaper inserts lying around the lobby; it’s finally time to put them to good use! Help your residents find their perfect neighborhood match. Discounts from local merchants as well as restaurant recommendations show that you’re in the loop. Your knowledge of the area creates a feeling of community, something they’ll definitely remember your efforts when it’s time to renew the lease.

We like you a Whole brunch

Brunch is a great way to show your residents some love, especially the weekend after Valentine’s Day. No need to go all out on the shopping list; a bowl of fruit, a quiche, and some OJ will get the job done. You could even ask tenants to bring a dish for the event! Make sure the word gets out by posting reminders for your residents leading up to the event.

There you go — four budget-saving ideas to help you and your team save a buck on Valentine’s Day.

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