How Actionfigure Mobile Benefits Residents

When it comes to your building’s amenities, the focus is to enhance the life of your residents. A 24-hour gym, rooftop pools, and the newest coffee shop next door are usually headlining features. Don’t get us wrong, these all contribute to the daily life of many residents. But what about their life outside of their immediate living space?

Actionfigure Screen brings real-time transit information to you and your residents right in your lobby, or another common area. You can highlight local attractions with the Nearby feature, as well as upcoming events with the Messaging feature. With our mobile app, Actionfigure Screen, your residents receive all of the benefits and features of Screen, wherever they are!

Transit Information

When you get Actionfigure Screen, you get curated, real-time transit information specific to your property. This information can include public transit, bikeshare, ridehailing, and even electric scooters. When you add Actionfigure Mobile, you and your residents have all that information available at all times. 

The ease of commuting is a major factor when it comes to deciding where to live. In fact, 66% percent of millennials rank access to reliable transit as a top consideration when searching for their new home. That means setting yourself apart from your nearby competition by any means possible. Providing a portable amenity that residents use even when they aren’t home could be the deciding factor of a potential resident choosing your property over another.

Service Alerts

The core use of Actionfigure Mobile is to help users choose the best form of mobility for them, whether it’s  the metro, bus, or the closest bikeshare. We understand transit schedules can hit delays and literal roadblocks occur. With Actionfigure Mobile, your residents will have access to service alerts that could delay their travel schedule. 

Let’s face it: Running out of your apartment to get to the metro or subway platform, only to find out there’s a delay, can ruin your day. Having service alerts and real-time transit information in your pocket can remedy that issue.

My Favorites

Favorites help residents plan their errands, social activities, or make a change of course during their commutes. They can set different locations for future destinations, allowing them to see which options are close to their next stop.


Like Actionfigure Screen, Actionfigure Mobile has a Messaging feature which allows you to communicate with your residents. Sending custom messages regarding upcoming community events, safety guidelines, or building updates creates means your residents will always be in the know, without you having to post another flyer in the elevator.

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