Commute-ity stories: How our employees get to work

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You know how much we love talking about all the different ways people can move around our vast cities, so we asked our team to share their commute stories. Maybe you’re looking to change how you get to work, or are searching for a better option – well, we’ve got the inside scoop. 


The ability to walk to and from work may be one of the best luxuries in life. Don’t believe me? Let’s check in with TransitScreen’s own Julie Giffin and Jordan Birnbaum: Commuting is a cringe-worthy word for most, but for me, commuting to work is the best part of my day,” explains Julie. Without having to worry about traffic, she’s able to jump into a song or get wrapped up in a new podcast and relax before starting her day. Jordan also agrees that her commute is “… a great way to start and end [her] workday,” since she’s able to unwind after a busy day instead of stressing over traffic.


In case you were unaware, scooters have taken over this summer. “There are so many [transit] options, and I’ve never realized how important it is to plan out your day,” says resident Account Executive, Justice Jones. Finding the best way to get to and from work is important, and sometimes the hardest part is actually making a change, breaking your commute pattern.

“I’ve taken the bus, tried out biking, but using dock-less scooters really gives me control over my trip,” explains Justice. Riders are amazed at how the scooters are efficient and able to keep you sweat-free. I think we’re all curious to see if scooters are just a summer fling or if they’re here to stay!


“I sold my car when I moved into DC and I haven’t regretted it once since,” is what you’ll hear TransitScreen’s Colin McGlynn say when you ask him how he gets to work. Like scootering, biking is great for those pesky distances that can be too far to walk, but too short to drive. For Colin, “the ride helps [him] get energized and awake for the day.” And, he’s not wrong – there are many benefits to biking, like saving money, getting a workout in, and actually enjoying your commute! Don’t have a bike? With the multiple docked and dock-less bikeshare programs out there it’s easy to wheel your way to work.


Many properties know how important it is to have metro access even if you aren’t in walking distance to one, which is why Mike Davis relies on shuttling to the metro station from his home everyday. “It’s more cost efficient and a lower stress option than driving,” Mike explains how he’s able to take time to himself to read, get a head start on work, or just sit and relax. Resident shuttles allow you to skip parking at metro stations, avoiding a monthly bill and parking lot congestion. 

You might have seen Tyler Dillard in DC Refined’s bachelor article, but he’s also part of TransitScreen’s Customer Success team as well as a metro rider. “I have a motorcycle so I could easily take that to work, however, I choose my current commute because it gives me a chance to get to know my neighbors,” Tyler explains how he enjoys the sense of community he gets from walking to and using the metro. “It’s nice be a little more involved in my community—I wouldn’t have this opportunity if I were commuting in a single occupancy vehicle.”

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“Buses are a totally underrated mode of transportation,” Rachel Karitis says about using DC’s bus system. When TransitScreen moved to its new location outside of Dupont Circle, Rachel was thrilled to learn that she could get picked up and dropped off right in front of her office and home. “A lot of the time they are more effective and cheaper than the metro,” Rachel explains that there are plenty of buses filling city streets, running frequently. “The only issue I have is when I don’t get a seat – i’m not great at standing on the bus without falling on someone.”

What could make bus rides better? More dedicated bus lanes. Buses shouldn’t have to be it’s just that they don’t have the space to truly move around cities as efficiently as they’re designed to.


Though no one in our office depends religiously on Uber, Lyft, or Via to get themselves to and from work, it doesn’t mean it can’t be an option for you. Depending on where you live and where you work, ridehailing might be the easiest and most cost effective option.

Even if it’s not daily dependance on ridesharing services, you can’t deny how they come in handy for company happy hours, post-gym sessions, or during a sudden torrential downpour (if you’re in DC, you know what I mean). Plus, there are apps out there that can help you save money when you Uber, Lyft, or Via!

With all of these choices (and more to come) it’s imperative to find the best mode of transit for you. We’re creatures of habit, so it’s definitely tricky to change up daily routines, but with a little research you could end up saving yourself time, money, and some sanity.

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